A solar roof system has many benefits in Southern California

The California solar roof system initiative

A California solar initiative offers cash back for installing solar on your home or business.

California is striving to create megawatts of new solar-generated electricity, moving the state towards a clean energy future. And you can help!

Join the thousands of home and business owners who have earned cashback rebates by installing solar energy systems through the California Solar Initiative. Customers earn cash rebates for every watt of solar energy installed on homes, businesses, farms, schools, and government and non-profit organizations.

1. Solar power saves you money

What will you spend on electricity?

NowPlus 5% Annual Increase
Annual $1,800
Total: 5 Years $9,000 $10,441
Total: 10 Years$18,000$23,768
Total: 20 Years $36,000$62,485

Can solar roof systems offer savings?

  • Total cost of Electricity (20years) = $62,485
  • Cost of Solar (Example) = $40,000
  • Less utility rebate = $9,000
  • Less tax credit = $9,300
  • Net cost of solar = $21,700
  • Total savings (20 years) = $40,785

2. Reliance on endless renewable energy. No fossil fuels.

Renewable energy is a natural choice. Harnessing the earth’s own inexhaustible energy can reduce dependence on fossil fuels and provide clean, affordable electricity.

3. Good for the Environment

  • Helps to keep our air clean
  • Potential to reduce the production of CO2
  • Makes use of secure and sustainable natural resources

Start saving on your utility bill

Save money on your utilities with Solar roofing solutions