Finance your new solar system!

Are you interested in a solar system for your residence or commercial property? If you’re in Orange County, Los Angeles or Riverside; you have multiple purchase options. You can lease a complete solar system costing you almost nothing up front, pay for solar yourself or access financing options available to you. More often, most solar systems sold are done so through financing.

Cira Energy, Inc. can provide services and consult for both secured or unsecured loans. Give us a call to discuss your solar system financing options.

Solar system secured financing

As of 2010, rates provided for refinancing or lines of credit are historically low.

Home value $600,000
Mortgage amount $400,000
Current interest rate 5.8%
Current payment $2,347
New interest rate 4.5%
New payment $2,026
Cost of Solar (after rebate & tax credit) $25,000
New payment with purchase of solar $2,153

Solar system unsecured financing

Cira Energy Inc. has options through accredited institutions that offer either a monthly payment or a same-as-cash (SAC) up to 18 months.

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